The Original Metaverse

Faketown launched over 20 years ago as a virtual world for creative expression and self-governance. The original team is returning to build a player-owned metaverse on the blockchain for minting, collecting and selling NFTs

Build & Collect

Towns are built using Lego-like bricks that are manufactured with a “Block Builder” minting machine. Each town resident has the capability to periodically mint new blocks. Get started today and begin collecting an inventory of NFT blocks that can be used to build your property or sold for profit!

Profitable Property

Faketown is comprised of unique towns with hundreds of individual properties. Players that own property can customize their space and participate in the town economy. Property owners will also get a vote to determine who will manage the town taxes, dividends, resources, and rules.

About Faketown

Bit by Bit

Our project begins with the minting of our own town token aka “Fake Coin” built on top of Ethereum. The goal of our token is not to be a financial instrument, instead Faketown is a playful environment that simulates real world economics and governance.

Full Roadmap Tokenomics